Have you ever searched for an email that you thought you safely filed in an Outlook folder?

Missing emails can be frustrating. Accidents happen. Backing up your business critical email is one of the most important things you can do for your company.

Even cloud based systems like Office 365 need backed up. As more and more businesses migrate from on-site applications to cloud applications in recent years, the Office 365 adoption rate is soaring high. However, data loss caused by unpredictable human errors, cyber-attacks and cloud service outage becomes the main concerns. Your Office 365 emails, calendars and contacts can be lost anytime.

Human Error
Office 365 is an amazing office tool that allows employees to easily work with documents. But they may accidentally (or intentionally) delete vital files and cause serious problems for their organizations. Reports show that human error accounts for nearly 2/3 of all the data loss incidents. To safeguard such untoward incidents, organizations must employ an appropriate backup system that is updated in real time.

Malicious Attack
Malicious programs like ransomware can lead to tremendous financial damage by wiping out sensitive information of an organization. The most effective way of protecting your company’s information from malicious online attacks is by creating multiple copies of your data and storing them in different cloud and local data repositories.

Cloud Service Outage
Customers will be eligible for service credit when the availability of Office 365 falls below 99.9% (which equals to a downtime of 31,536 seconds, ~9 hours a year or less than 1 hour a month). This figure seems to be fine but when you compare a target 99.999% for a typical telco grade service (target downtime of 315 seconds, or ~5 minutes a year), or that of a global data center at 99.99999% (target downtime of ~3 seconds a year), this availability is appalling. You need a backup solution to protect the availability of not only your data, but also your business.

Archiving is not the same as a backup
Litigation hold is an archiving feature in high-end Office 365 Enterprise plans for organizations to meet legal compliance. It provides long-term data retention that is no longer actively used. But if you need to quickly restore data that is lost due to accidental or malicious deletion, you should choose the right tool for the job –BMS backup and recovery software. It makes a copy of production data and keeps it available so that the Point-in-Time copy can be swiftly returned to production when needed.
BMS Office 365 Backup can protect your important emails, contacts and calendar items in Outlook. Contact us today for a free estimate.